Another Great Writer joins the Team!

Jennifer Garcia is a longtime writer of many different styles. She has done Fantasy, Thriller, Historical and SciFi stories. Both alone and in cooperation with other writers around the globe!

Welcome Jennifer.

Are you interested in her ongoing work, check J.K. Garcia

Huge project started at Human Writing!

At Human Writing we don’t limit ourselves to our own fantasy, or just providing space for yours. We also setup projects that we think are required for improvement of the possibilities of humanity in a whole. So, we started:

Project The Next Gen Bible



Initial poster instated

We added the first blogger: Hominoid Rationalis!

Check out his/her page, leave a message, find good ideas for your own blog!

Welcome Hominoid Rationalis!

So the story begins

Today we started Human Writing. Why? Because we can. We really hope you will help us build this. We want HumanWriting to be known as the library of Humanity.