HW Features

At Human Writing, we want the blogger to feel at home. Of course not every person feels at home at every home they visit, so we like to make the stay of a blogger, his or her ‘home’, as personal as possible.

We provide the blogger with a blogsite, which is currently running on WordPress. Within this WordPress blogsite, you are able to use any of the provided Theme templates. If you don’t see one to your liking? Let us know and we will try to add it for you (if it is free).

We also provide plugins and features that can be added to a WP site. Feel free to ask for one, if you can’t find it during setup.

We also will provide a disclosure to your ‘bloghome’ from the front page. A newsletter will go out to people who are interested in new or existing blogs. BUT, you are also able to have a personalized newsletter for your subscribers!

Current features added:

Category colors : You can setup a color per category, causing your blog/writing to liven up even further.

Clef Protection   : Using the CLEF authenticator on your phone, you will have a breeze keeping your site secure and still log in with no hassle.

Copyright Proof : So you write on a blog page, but you don’t want others to reuse your content. Of course! That is why several countries have legal measures when someone reuses something that explicitely states: Copyright! Activate it and be sure to have your content protected.

Custom Contact Forms : Yes, you do want to hear from your readers. And no, you don’t want it to just be in comments. Add a custom form with the fields and information you want and see how people will enjoy updating you with their views or requests. CCF is not the easiest to set up, but we promise it is one of the best out there.

Google Analytics Dashboard : So you think nobody reads your blog or stories? Think again. With the GAD you don’t only know there are readers, but also, where they are from, how often they come to your page, what browser they use and how often they return. Make sure to have a Google Analytics account.

Newsletter : For the more professional writer, who has one, or perhaps even a thousand readers that are drooling to know more about their progress, we provide a newsletter feature. Set it up with drag and drop. Enlighten people about your projects and draw them to the flame.

Postie : No time to log in? On the go but you do have something to share with your readers? Send it to the site by email. Setup Postie and it will be a breeze. Make sure to use a unique address and nobody can ‘accidentally’ send to your blog.

Themes…themes…themes… : Yes, a huge amount of themes for different types. You want a small personal site? Select one of the huge amount of templates. If you want a more …bombastic or sales like site, there are plenty of options for that too!