HW Prices and Prizes

Human Writing will require a small fee. How small? Well, we are currently debating about it and the fee will have to cover for the coffeepot that got smashed in the heated debates. Sorry. That will be at least a piece of 5.5 dollars.

But seriously, we will be frank. The site can’t live for free. The maintenance and additional work will require some …funding. Feel free to donate, feel free to make a space and pay the price, but be aware, it doesn’t come free…. er wait….what?

Yes, when writing on Human Writing, you are putting your life on the line. You are placing your mind with the best. You are letting others know that humanity is creative, searching, etc, etc. So, when you are really good, people will notice. How? Because we will tell them that you are a good writer. But if people tell us you are a good writer, we will also notice. And we will award you for it. Possibly even reward you.

Keep up to date with what this is going to mean.