Corrected version of scripture

I am not going into discussion about how things got the way the have gotten to this point. What I do work on, is to get the stuff fixed, so humanity has something to work with, without the superstition.

Last night, after thinking about some things not too deep, suddenly it hit me. Something others might have long ago picked up on, but here it is in my view:

We [humanity] praise and thank the past [forces and actions that have caused our current state], but forget who they were, our ancestors.

We [humanity] hope on our future, but in vainity think this future is ours [egoism], not that of our children.

The religions are proof of the inability and gullibility of those before us, who have tried to map the past [writers of the original scriptures of different cultures]. The ignorance that makes religions so rigid to the ideals for their futures [the promise of any religion is about what is untestable].

Where our ancestors are reviled by having their results being awarded to volatile deities and our children (and those to come) are blindly abused as reason for our own vain hope on a godson.

Yes, indeed, looking at the Abrahamic faiths, I see that that which theists call ‘lord’, ‘him’, ‘god’, are always the things that come from the actions of our ancestors. And where they claim prophecy and abilities of the ‘godson’ or ‘prophet’, are always the things they eventually wish for their children to become, so they feel important having put such child on Earth. All faiths, none excluded, are misconceptions of causality.

Below is the old text. The new versions will be a bit wider (as everything evolves, so do my effort to fix this ‘religious’ shit).

It is imperative to understand that the stories build upon lack of knowledge. The writers lacked understanding of the world, as humanity had not grown far yet. The logical steps to take when deciding if something was good or bad, was simply: Does it kill? Bad. Does it help survive? Good. The psychological stress and emotional limitations were at a huge difference with current day.

The further the stories evolve (after Genesis 3) the more ‘magical’, but also the more disconnected parts get put together for the sake of ….well, communities lived according to the first book, so after that the second book was written, like a genealogical evolving story. Change the base and the rest doesn’t make as much sense anymore.

This is why the further stories, like Genesis 5 and 6 are more interpretations of the writer on how the earlier chapters are incorporated in the changing community.