What do we offer bloggers?

What do we offer bloggers?

We offer you a safe (CLEF protected) environment to write under a clear banner. Your information is backed up and stays your property. We are not looking to get your mind, we want to help you share it.

When creating an account, you will have your own location at http://www.humanwriting.com/<yourpreferredname>

We provide you with plenty of templates to start from, but you are also welcome to customize your page anyway you like.
We also can provide you with plugins, just let us know which one you need.

There are just a few simple rules…Yes, sorry. Basically you are able to write anything you want, however, this is only limited by common sense and general international law (So, not local law). You are not allowed to write things that conflict with human rights, or call for agression upon others, be it groups, individuals or otherwise. If you do, we will be required to hand your information to the authorities.

This does mean however, that everyone is asked to help. If you read something that is most certainly conflicting with regulations or laws, report it to us, so we can investigate. We are however most likely taking the broad ‘spirit’ of law, so we will not remove something because an individual feels ‘offended’. We are past that stage.

For more and indept information, check the page.[!]